Tuesday, May 12, 2020

More Geeking Out: The Corona-cle Era

We hope you are all doing good still, not going too crazy with Shelter In Place/Stay At Home orders still in effect. It feels like it is coming to an end soon, which means that we will carefully make plans to get together and start podcasting again!! 😃😃

But have no fear, we are here to share with you another week of geeking out!

Stefanie is geeking out over the big news that Boba Fett is going to be in s2 of The Mandalorian! Last time we saw the bounty hunter he was tumbling down the sandy dunes into the waiting mouth of the Sarlaac.

Michelle is geeking out over the latest social media time kill craze, TikTok. Hot Cops, cute pets, crazy dances, and new ways to irritate the people in your life?  She's all over this!!

Michelle's favorite video of how to annoy your family!

See you next week with more geeking out goodness.

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