Thursday, March 5, 2020

Episode 13 - This is the Way

This episode is one of our most fun to date!!  We have four members of the Arizona chapter of The Mandalorian Mercenaries Costume Club, joining us!! 

Representing the Shonare Vhekadla Clan, we have DJ, Jeff, Tammy and Tiana.   Michelle joined us on the phone as she was sick.  We talked all things Mandalorian...both in the extended Star Wars universe and from the crazy popular Mandalorian TV show.  (Yes, yes, there was quite a bit of Baby Yoda talk going on...I mean how could you not?)

Stef will try not to rub it in to Michelle that she got to wear a helmet.  (Whatever, Stef, whatever....LOL)

If you want to check out the Shonare Vhekadla Clan, you can follow them on Instagram at SVC_Mando

Stefanie is geeking out over FINALLY getting settled in so she can play Star Wars: The Old Republic  (We may have lost her for a bit...)

Michelle is geeking out over Phoenix Fan Fusion guest announcements.  She is most excited over Clark Gregg, who has been a dream guest of hers for a while.  Though she suspects that most people are geeking out over Christopher Eccleston.

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