Tuesday, April 28, 2020

We are still Geeking Out!

While we are still on our unplanned Co-Vid19 hiatus, we thought that we would keep up with you on what we are geeking out about while we are at home.  And we hope that you will share with us what you are geeking out about as well.

Stefanie is living her life back in 2011 right now and has FINALLY given in to the temptation to watch GAME OF THRONES!!  She has been warned that she might as well not get too attached to any of the players in the game as they don’t have long life expectancy for the most part. (And Michelle is NEVER going to not sing the praise of how much she loves Jaime Lannister to her! She doesn’t care if he pushed nosy Bran Stark out the window.)

Stef is also geeking out over the reboot of SAVED BY THE BELL that is coming!  Do you think she is a Zach or Slater girl?

Michelle is living her own past as well and completely geeking out over the NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK VIRTUAL CRUISE that happened over the weekend on Facebook, Instagram, and You Tube.  If you didn’t know Michelle is a die-hard Blockhead and boy band fan for life.  Saturday night, the guys hosted a Glitter Party, that was absolutely hysterical and she spent the night texting and chatting with friends while they laughed over the insanity of the guys.   And Michelle is 100% a Donnie girl.

How about you?  What are you geeking out over while you are in quarantine?  Maybe next week, we’ll share some of the crazy online shopping purchases that have been happening because well, you know how it goes when you get bored…you online shop!

We are still working on doing a bit of a change up for our Patreon and would love to hear what would make YOU want to be a patron of Pop Culture Junkees! 

We LOVE to hear from you!

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