Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Episode 14: Geeks in Quarantine

 Michelle and Stef have emerged from quarantine. Just kidding, they couldn't stop talking about all the pop culture news happening lately, and had to dust off the podcast! In this episode, recorded virtually, the Pop Culture Junkees discuss DC FanDome, Gamescom 2020 and all the things we're binging (and look forward to binging) on Netflix and the other streaming apps.

Guess what!?!?!




We share what we have been up to during this pandemic  break and discuss how we would handle the apocalypse.  Do you think you could survive it? Want our opinions on DC Fandome and GamesCon2020? You are about to get them!  Plus, Stefanie shares updates on her book that is almost done and Michelle shares tales of her wild kitten, Barnes.  We share a moment of silence for Chadwick Boseman, who will be sorely missed.  And have our typical “squirrel” moments.


Now that we are back in full force and ready to get the show back on the road, we are looking for input from you about what you want to see from us and what you are interested in hearing us talk about.  We are going to have guests on the show and if there is anyone that you want to hear on the show, let us know

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