Thursday, February 20, 2020

Episode 12 - Be My Galentine

It's a belated Galentine's Day from Stefanie and Michelle! 

We discuss the best female friendships out there in honor of Galentine's Day.  Did we miss your favorite duo? Let us know!

Then we took a quiz to find out what kind of friend we are.  If you want to take the quiz, here is the link:  What Kind of Friend are you?  Please share your results with us.  Hopefully you aren't a Debbie Downer, like we were. 

This led to the topic of inner diaglogue and the fact that some people evidently do not have dialogue in their heads.  What?  For Real?  NY Post Article about how this is possible. 

We had a conversation about The Witcher and both totally agree that Henry Cavill grunting is exactly what we want. 

Stefanie is geeking out over the new release of B.L. Brunnemer's book in the The Veil Diaries series, When The Dead Come Home.

Michelle is geeking out over the new podcast from Nicole Byer and Lauren Lapkus, Newcomers: Star Wars

We are wanting your feedback on what you want to see for our Patreon for this year...what perks can we offer you to make you want to help support our podcast? We also want to know if we were to offer swag, what would you want to see?  Stickers? Pins? Shirts?  

We LOVE to hear from you!

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